About us


Making or Do-It-Yourself is much more pervasive now than 10 years ago because such fabrication tools as 3D printers, laser engravers and CNC carvers have been popularized. We love these tools ourselves and we hope that more people can make good use of these tools in their daily life as we do. Therefore, we are determined to make these tools even more accessible for ordinary consumers. We hope our products will enable you to turn your ideas into reality no matter you are a 30-year-old engineer, an 80-year-old hobbyist or a 10-year-old student.

We have a team of passionate and talented people to make this dream come true. We understand that there are three most common obstacles that hold people back from launching their DIY projects: high price of DIY tools, doubtful quality and the steep learning curve of the tools. That is why we devote unprecedented commitment to hardware and software development and community establishment, ensuring that we can provide high-quality, affordable and user-friendly fabrication machines. One of the most extraordinary products is Luban, an open source CAM software specifically designed for allowing full controls over 3D printing, laser engraving / cutting, and CNC carving capabilities and committed to software services. Not only does Luban provide computer programming and computer software design services for various types of people who like DIY and craft, but also it provides software update and maintenance services for 3D printers manufactured by Snapmaker.

With a bunch of engineers in the team, we value the application of engineering; we believe in positive outcomes brought by tinkering; we never leave out details that determine user experience. We also maintain close and transparent communications with our users so that we can create what our users need.

Our journey began in August, 2016. We successfully launched our first project which raised $2.2 million on Kickstarter half a year later. There is still a long way to go. With our passion and perseverance, we believe that making will be as easy as taking photos in the coming decades.